Morgan day 2 and 3

2013-08-13 @ 20:09:35

Hi everyone!
Yesterday I didn't do anything special, Thom came over and we went trough the class courses and watched a movie. Later we dropped him off on our way to the airport where we would pick up Anna! She is really so sweet an I think that we'll be great friends :)
Today we where in the school for registration and I got all my classes! They are so fun, but I have to study math haha, I really hoped that I could avoid it, but it seemed that I couldn't.. Well, now we are going in to town to by some clothes and fix our mobile phones so at the end of the day I will have an American number :)
I'll write more tonight

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bloggen kan väl ändå vara på svenska plzzz honeeyy??

2013-08-13 @ 22:13:31

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